choose any pic from my instagram (4 inch x aspect ratio)





Choose any photo from my instagram (@jimmeroo) and I will make you a high quality photo print. Print size will be dictated by the aspect ratio. For instance if it is square it will be 4″ by 4″. If it is 4×5 aspect ratio the print will be 4″ by 5″ etc. Largest print that will fit on an 4x5in print pater. Please indicate in checkout which specific instagram image you would like. (If you are in instagram click on the image and it will be dated. When you check out here there is a field called “Order Notes’ and you can give me the date of the photo and a brief description). Alternatively you can email me at [email protected] or DM me on instagram @jimmeroo. My instagram is linked at the bottom of this website with recent photos displayed here as well!


Printed using archive quality pigment based inks, on 260g / 69lb semi-gloss photo paper.


All photos will be hand signed and printed by Jim.


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